How to Use Chatroulette?

Nowadays Chatroulette has become an important friendship web site that gives the opportunity to talk with voice camera. Most of us can use Chatroulette to evaluate our daily free time. Today we will talk about Chatroulette.

Chatroulette application will be activated after you install the Chatroulette program. In the Chatroulette application you should click the play button.


Adobe Flash Player Warning (Error) in Chatroulette

chatroulette Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player Settings Camera and Microphone Access

You may get an error while contacting the web site at first. This will look like this: wants to access to your cam. and mic. If you click allow, your image and sound can be recorded. By allowing this warning, we allow our camera and microphone to be seen on chatroulette.

Chatroulette Buttons and Features

Now you can start video chat in Chatroulette. Chatroulette screen consists of four parts. The first part is the section where you can define the general settings of your camera. For example if  you use two camera in this section, you can specify which camera to capture images from. If you want, you can remove the markings in the video and audio sections to prevent your audio and video from going to the other person. Your camera works actively, but the user cannot hear or see your voice or image. If the boxes are checked, both your image and your voice will reach the other user. If the signs are checked, both your image and your voice will reach to user.

Chatroulette Buttons and Features

Settings in the Lower Section

Auto start option is used to automatically redirect you to a new Chatroulette user if you have finished your speakings.

Clean Chatlog option is used to automatically clean your correspondence area while chatting with a new user.

Chat Sounds option is active, that means you activated this option when you wanted the user to alert you when something is written to you.

In the Chatroulete Partner section, you can see the image of the user in front of you and if they have a camera. And if they have a mic, you can hear the sound of the users.

Play Button: In order to start the conversation in Chatroulette you need to click this button.

Next (F9) Button: After pressing Play button, chat with voice and video will start. If you want to end your video conversation with the other person, use this button. Instead of clicking Next button continuously, you can easily and fast chat with different people with the F9 function key on your keyboard.

Report Button: If the other person has insulted you or you are not satisfied from conversation, with this button you can report this person to the site admin and enjoy a better chat