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If you are rather shy and not very comfortable Camsurf with girls in general, we recommend that you prepare yourself. Yes but how ? By taking courses in seduction for example or simply courses in self-confidence.

For self-confidence, I strongly recommend that you take public speaking lessons or even drama lessons.

For seduction, I advise you to potash a few books: the best sellers in seduction.

Finding the right profiles on online dating sites to meet girls

It is always difficult to determine whether a profile is serious or not. However, there is no clue! By dismissing any scams from the outset, honesty is the rare but essential quality to spot. As soon as you read the profile, you can already see if this quality is there. Watch out for too perfect women on paper, for example.

The confession of a defect or the presentation of a true and natural photo foreshadows a sincere meeting.

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After hours spent discussing your common sensibilities, it’s time to take the plunge! The crucial advice we can give you on your way to your first date is to feel good in your clothes and to be true to yourself. A little more to give you confidence, come and consult our article to become a successful man.

Meeting people, whether online or in real life, is no small task. In any case, you need to have patience and courage without forgetting to remain yourself. You do not have to hurry up and first of all you should be careful about your mind. You should not give harm yourself. Be yourself relax.

The girl who you talk is also a human like you. She is not a beast. She is not an alien. (But actually, yes, people say that women had came from another planet) Trust yourself, chat with her and try to catch a rendezvous. Each of meeting is an experience for you. Do not worry. You will eventually learn this art!

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